Enterprise Applications Services

The rise in the importance of application development has presented many challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises.

Product Engineering

The advancement of technology and devices has transformed the pattern of product development. Traditional methodologies and processes have been overhauled to bring in new and innovative product engineering services spanning the entire life cycle of the software. With our extensive product engineering experience, we will aid you in your product development life cycle whether it requires support at a single stage or end-to-end ownership.

We work as strategic partners to conceptualize, design, build and deliver solutions using proprietary methodologies. Our unique delivery system engineers a product that has a quick time-to-market and a competitive edge with absolutely no compromise on quality.

New Product Blueprinting

A product blueprint is a roadmap that communicates the direction and progress of the project to all the team members and the stakeholders of the project.

Enterprises invest a lot of time, effort and money towards merely documenting, organizing and trying to create initial strategic IT roadmaps that may not include product backlogs and engineering bugs.

Ionixx Technologies creates product blueprints that are tracked and modified according to project requirements thus making planning a continuous process and saving enterprises on enormous costs and effort. We generate strategic roadmaps that are stimulated by a variety of resources and more importantly our customers.

Product Engineering

Emerging trends and technology can weaken returns and profitability of an enterprise due to changes in technologies and more importantly consumer expectations.

Ionixx Technologies optimizes costs and adds value to your product. With our agile expertise, we develop and innovate high-quality products that can adapt to frequent changes to the market environment.

Production Support

We know that our clients attribute success not just to IT metrics but more to the outcome of such metrics and look forward to managed support towards applications. Ionixx Technologies comes with a distinctive amalgamation of knowledge, experience and technical finesse. Our product experts respond to situations quickly and ensure minimal turnaround times for customer queries.

Our fully-equipped production support unit comes with adequate training and an aptitude for communications. Our highly experienced professionals deliver accurate and speedy resolutions to our customers.

Outsource Product Development

Enterprises seek reliable contractors who are efficient, transparent and specialized in IT services and who can provide all services beginning with development to support and maintenance. Ionixx Technologies is one of the most dependable partners for your outsourced functions.

Application Transformation Services

The rise in the importance of application development has presented many challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises. Businesses across the globe are facing fast changing dynamic market and financial conditions. Ionixx ensures that apps are developed and executed well, in order to lead to customer loyalty, innovation, and growth.

We do this by meeting user demand for apps that are enjoyable, intuitive, feature new functionalities, and delivering them quickly with high quality. One of the goals is to ensure that IT improves operating efficiencies, reduces operating costs, and adheres to regulatory compliance and business agility.

Application Development

Our key objective is to help enterprises build sophisticated business applications that are robust, scalable and extensible. Driving successful outcome is what we do best and our track record is there to prove it.

We focus on fast-track implementation and delivery while providing applications that are customized per user specification by leveraging proven tools, framework, reusable industry assets and cross-platform solution expertise.

Application Consolidation

Application consolidation helps organizations improve application integration by merging multiple applications and application instances.

Doing this allows us to safeguard your business processes and ensure that they are well aligned across applications.

Mobile and Cloud Enablement

We solve Mobile and Cloud Enablement problems and concerns by using the latest technologies in the market and innovating further. Our entire department is dedicated towards customer satisfaction, fulfilling their needs and ensuring that our unparalleled services help them succeed in their own endeavors.

Our Mobile and Cloud Enablement services are spread across almost all popular platforms including Apple iOS, Android, HTML 5, and Windows. The nature of cloud capabilities makes it increasingly more straightforward for organizations to open new channels, expand into new geographies and target new customers.

Application Upgrade and Support

Transitioning to a new version of a solution can be a low priority for organizations. But upgrading brings along with it some major benefits. We’ll help you upgrade to the latest technology without any hassles. Our comprehensive application migration, upgrade and modernization services generate measurable value from existing applications by leveraging advancements in technology to make existing applications future ready.

Independent Verification and Validation Services

Successful business operations are a result of flawless systems, which are critical to an enterprise’s prosperity. The generation of such incredible systems is only through a healthy culmination of process, technology and people.

Ionixx Technologies comprises of experts who offer unique and accurate Validation Services and develop efficient and cost-effective systems by meticulously testing the project at every step to ensure high-quality and reliable outputs with enhanced go-to-market times.

We work in harmony with the client’s team to deliver productive and practical testing solutions through time-tested processes, proven framework, relevant tools, techniques and methodologies that have positive impacts on the business with predictive results that are flexible to changes at any point in time.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is essential to verify the functional suitability, compliance and accuracy of an application. All projects small, large and new need functional testing to ensure that all requirements are satisfied by an application. Ionixx Technologies practices accelerated testing to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an app. We formulate functional testing methodologies that can be employed early within the life cycle of a project to identify defects beforehand.

Some of our latest testing techniques include automated test design, domain-based scenario suites, automated test designs and risk-based to name a few.

Performance Testing

Our performance testing experts come with an extensive experience in identifying the source of the problem, comparison of performance characteristics and ensuring production readiness. We resolve performance issues through practical diagnostics and recommend solutions that ensure superior application performance.

Ionixx uses powerful processes and realistic load tests for business scenarios across a wide range of enterprise applications.

Compatibility Testing

The continuous shift in hardware and software platforms give rise to the imminent requirement of compatibility testing for each of these environments.

Ionixx Technologies ensure that your product complies with navigation, appearance and functionality by testing the application across several versions and combinations of operating systems, browsers and consoles to validate their interoperability on different platforms.

Test Automation

Ionixx Technologies respects the advancement in technology and is absolutely on track of this enormous expansion. We adopt faster testing approaches such as DevOps and agile to deliver the best quality product.

We structure a common integrated framework that will aid in the execution of various scenarios based on the project specifications and log the positive and negative factors of the implementation to generate analytics reports to evaluate if the quality metrics have been met. ixTest Framework enables testing on multiple devices and scenarios in minutes to provide clear test results.

Why Outsource?

Since business and market environments are never constant, there is always a need to fill the gaps quickly. Outsourcing certain functions can help the business gain ground without losing out on operational time and profitability.

We execute the following outsourced functions for enterprises:
  • Control and minimize operational expenses
  • Provide clarity in corporate objectives and goals
  • Reshuffle and distribute internal resources without any wastage
  • Fill the insufficiency of skilled resources
  • Exceptional expertise with excellent solutions
  • Managing core functions and providing the enterprise with a competitive edge.

Enterprise Technology Integration

Ionixx provides seamless Enterprise Technology Integration while minimizing your total cost of ownership. With the help of adaptive technology we can move your business from a single integrated enterprise to multiple systems solutions that can evolve rapidly. Partnering with us will help you achieve better results for your organization, positive ROIs for on-premise and SaaS investments.

We develop customized business systems and hold the capability to deliver complex integration solutions that are suitable for your IT environment. Ionixx’s services are highly flexible and can exactly match your enterprise’s ingenuity. We conduct and lead your business through every challenge to provide you with smooth transitions.

We build:
  • Web-based portal applications
  • Web-based applications using Active Server Pages
  • Java Server Pages
  • FCustom add-on modules

Application Integration

One of the biggest challenges of Enterprise Application Integration is linking of disparate operating systems, computer languages and databases, accurately. Ionixx Technologies develops specific middleware platforms to accomplish the successful integration of applications and systems across your business.

Our application integration services are highly scalable and our solutions are a derivative of years of technology and cross-industry expertise. Ionixx’s experts assess, plan, design, deploy and monitor all integrated environments.

Our services include

  • Designing, Building And Integrating With Backend Systems

  • Enabling Integration Through Web Services Development And Middleware

  • Mobile App Integration With ERP Systems

  • Mobile App Integration With CMS

  • Mobile App Integration With CRM Systems

  • Payment Gateway

  • Social Integration

Network Integration

Our network integration services are a culmination of strong demands and commitment to high values. Enterprises are contending with business and technology forces that have significant implications for an enterprise network.

Ionixx Technologies is a reliable and trusted partner who provides professional and technical network integration services. Our proficiency lies in delivering optimized networks with seamless integration and drawing optimal value from your IT environment. We standardize and integrate networks across multiple technologies to meet demands for mobile and big data analytics.

Enterprise Management

Where technological enrichment has contributed positively towards faster, efficient and cost-effective business solutions it has also led to added complexity of business and IT operations. Every enterprise aims to increase their service visibility and availability to provide exceptional user experiences and simultaneously maximize profits by reducing operational costs.

Ionixx offers outstanding enterprise management services while addressing the challenges of operations and management. We help you align and optimize your resources, processes and technology to improve IT utilization and raise enterprise service accessibility to new and improved levels.

Our best practices ensure end-to-end availability, reliability and help enterprises gain a competitive advantage. We also assess the effectiveness of multiple suppliers and establish continuous improvement processes.

Platform Integration

Ionixx Technologies provides platform integration services that are designed and tested to achieve greater efficiencies at lower costs.

With our extensive experience, we tailor your devices to meet industry-specific demands.

We configure and test end-user platforms with our factory approach to offer you a faster rollout, enhanced organizational productivity and improved services to your clients.